Where Can I Buy Ammo?

Purchasing ammo online has never been easier. There are several reasons why people are now choosing to purchase their ammunition online. One of the main reasons is because they can save themselves a lot of money. However, many people worry about the legalities of purchasing ammo online. While purchasing ammo online from licensed shops is legal, there are many online ammo shops that should not be operating.

This means that customers need to make sure that they do some research into a company before purchasing ammunition from them. They also need to make sure that they check the laws and regulations of their country before buying ammo online. Keep reading below to find out all about how to buy ammo online and where you can buy it:

Why Purchase Ammo Online?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider purchasing ammo online. The main advantage of buying ammo online is the cost. We can save a lot of money by purchasing products straight from a store. If we think about it in a logical way, regular stores must pay taxes, hire employees, and have a huge number of overhead expenses to pay. On the other hand, online vendors don’t have to pay for any of these expenses. This means that their overheads are much lower. Many online stores choose to pass these savings onto their customers.

Another huge advantage of buying ammo online is that you can order it from the comfort of your own home and wait for it to be delivered directly to your door. You do not have to step foot outside your front door to get more ammo.

The last advantage we’re going to talk about is the huge selection that is available online. Normal stores are only able to carry a certain number of products, however online retailers often have an insane selection of ammo for you to choose from for all makes and models of guns.

Where Can You Buy Ammo Online?

Research has shown that almost 53% of gun owners have purchased ammo online in the past, but where can we buy ammo from online? Here are some of the best places to buy ammo online:

  • Bite the Bullet X – Bite the Bullet X has been supplying high quality ammo online since 2015. They have a huge variety of popular calibers for you to choose from. Their products, price point and service set them apart from the competition.
  • Palmetto State Armory – Palmetto State Armory is a brilliant online site for people who want to buy their ammo in bulk. Although ammunition is cheaper on this site, it can take a while to come, so make sure you order in advance.
  • Brownells – Brownells have a range of specialist gun parts and tools available on their website. They also offer amazing customer service too.
  • LuckyGunner – this is a brilliant site for people who want to receive their ammo quickly. Their site has a handy real-time inventory next to each product. This means that you can guarantee that items are in stock when you place your order.
  • Cabela’s – Cabela’s is the perfect choice of online store for people who are looking for hunting ammo. They also have their own range of branded gear for sale, including jackets, optics, and rifle bags too.

Best Ammo Brands

It’s important to do some research before purchasing ammo online and find a brand that is safe, reputable, and not too expensive. Below is a list of some of the best ammo brands based on availability, price and what works well:

  • PMC – their ammo is inexpensive and can be used in almost any caliber gun
  • American Eagle – their ammo is also inexpensive to purchase.
  • Tula – this brand is super cheap and comes with polymer coated steel cases
  • Lake City – this is a government owned company. They sell their products through a range of vendors
  • Blazer – Blazer is another budget brand. Their super cheap options are often aluminum coated
  • Others – there are several other brilliant brands out there including Sellier & Bellot and Fiocchi. Many of these brands are more expensive. If you are unsure of a brand, then make sure you do some research before spending your money. Check to see if there are any complaints about them on online gun forums.

Online Ammo Buying Restrictions

There are several buying restrictions that you should be aware of before purchasing ammo. These include:

  • Alaska – ammo is not allowed to be shipped here
  • California – ammo is not allowed to be shipped to Carson, Beverley Hills, Oakland, Marin, Sacramento, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Tracer ammunition shipments are also not permitted.
  • Connecticut – you must apply for a permit before ordering ammo online
  • Hawaii – ammo is not allowed to be shipped here
  • Illinois – ammo is not allowed to be shipped to Chicago. ID is required in other areas.
  • New Jersey – all ammo must be sent to an FFL
  • Washington, D.C.: ammo is not allowed to be shipped here

More and more people are choosing to purchase their ammo online and we can see why. Not only can you save money by shopping online, but you can also save time too. In fact, evidence has shown that, in some cases, store purchases are 50% more expensive than ammo purchases online. If you want to start saving money and time, then consider purchasing your ammo online from one of the retailers above.