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Wow...awesome product, hell of a deal

Apr 22, 2015 by Alex M.
Shot 1000 with my sig 228, sig 290 and beretta nano....not one single malfunction. This stuff shoots clean and very shiny right out of the box. Did not feel like factory reloads. Can't wait to order more good stuff. I will not order from any other place....thank you Bitethebullet X.....
Quality Every Shot


Apr 13, 2015 by Ryan Meade
Started using for plinking steel. Didn't realize the quality found with this company. I won't order from any others. This place has it figured out.
9mm FMJ


Apr 10, 2015 by Kevin McCartney
Ok ... this is my third order. The first wo orders was for 1000 rounds each. This time the order was for 1500 rounds 9MM and 500 rounds 45 cal. They look as perfect as I have come to expect. I am not sure why anyone would buy their ammo anyplace else. AAAAA+++++++
2nd order of 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP


Apr 09, 2015 by Mark M.
My father is a avid shooter. This is our second order of 3,000 bullets. Bite the Bullet X is friendly, professional, and great pricing. I Highly recommend them Mark
Great quality, great prices


Jan 20, 2015 by Richard
I bought 500 9mm rounds from another online vendor. When they arrived, it turned out to be a Bite the Bullet X product being resold. All 500 rounds performed flawlessly, and now that my wife bought a 9mm, I just ordered another 1000 rounds direct from BTB this time.
9mm FMJ


Oct 14, 2014 by Zack
I had always been cautious to run reloaded ammo through my guns, I never shot enough to justify. But, after running through 2000 factory rounds in 2 months I decided to try. You can't justify $325 for 1000 factory rounds when Dave sells them for $175. Always responds promptly to emails and will open up or stay after hours for locals to pick up.
I picked up 1000 FMJ from him and ran 150 for accuracy, exact same as factory loads. I then ran another 150 through as fast as I could "wanting" a failure. 300 Rounds and I was impressed across the board. I'm already placing an order for another 1000 rounds of 9mm and 1000 rounds of 5.56 - I'm for sure a repeat customer and I'm hard to please.


Jul 02, 2014 by Maury Hughes
I am simply blown away by Bite the Bullet X customer Care and service! I had a problem that I reported yesterday and In less than a day they fixed the problem no Questions asked and they went above and Beyond to let me know I matter as a customer. Ill be buying all my ammo from these guys from Now on!
Maury H.
Lockhart Texas


Mar 31, 2014 by Eric
Hi, a couple weeks ago I bought 1000 rd.s of 9mm from you & I am very happy with the missfire ,no jams, and consistent loads...thanks alot!
Not one issue


Mar 26, 2014 by Edward Sharp
I just ordered another 200 rounds of 300 blackout from you. I purchased a bag of 100 at a gun show in southern Ca. Not one issue and accuracy was very good. Dave you told me you have improved sorting and groups should be even better,,,I will be back for more...Thanks for the fast reply and avaiability plus prices.....thx...ed
.40 S&W


Mar 25, 2014 by Jason
Bought a new Glock 23gen4 at a gun show for my new CCW and a couple hundred rounds of .40s to break it in with. I quickly went through every one of them without a single issue. These guys have my business from now on!


Mar 20, 2014 by Mark
Ran 700 rounds of 9MM in my XDM during a one week class. Had ZERO issues and the price was right !

Mar 15, 2014 by Brian Miller
Ive bought a few thousand rounds from BitethebulletX and these guts are great. Good ammo at great price. Very pleased with the service ive recieved! Thanks guys
308 / 223 & 40 S&W


Mar 14, 2014 by John Hill
Last year, I bought about 1,000 rounds of each. Some at the gun show, the rest on-line. I've fired a few hundred rounds of each; plus a couple hundred 9 mm & 45 ACP rounds. All of the Bite The Bullet X ammo I've used has performed well. I highly recommended them to my family & friends... The best value I have found.
9mm and .45 ACP


Mar 10, 2014 by Pappy Papin
I have bought several thousand rounds of each in several different types and weights of bullets and am happy with all. You can't beat the price and Bite the Bullet X is quick to respond to orders. I agree that the hollow points are the most accurate.
300 AAC Ammo


Mar 05, 2014 by John Bates
Finding 300AAC at any price is difficult enough. Finding it at a great price and then running hundreds of BTB rounds through my rifle without a single FTF or FTE is even better. Great quality and service, David runs a quality shop. Recommend highly!
9mm JHP


Mar 03, 2014 by Kevin McCartney
I recently received 100 rds of the 9mm JHP. I have been very anxious to try out this ammunition. As some of you might already know, all hollow points are not the same. I have experienced failures to feed on several different manufacturers. The fix in the past has been to have the feed ramp polished. In the case of these bullets, that process was not necessary. I used a S&W M&Pm, a Rugar [email protected] and my trusty Walther PPQ (none of which have had any modifications at all done to them). All the shells fired flawlessly and my groupings on target were as good as I have had with any other bullet. So for the price and quality ... this JHP gets my vote!