California Ammo Special & New Law

California Customers and BTB Bulk Ammo

Buyers everywhere in California are beside themselves. The new Ammo law is in effect. Residents can no longer purchase Ammo and have it shipped to their homes unless they are law enforcement officers. Everyone must send their Ammo to a licensed reseller/store to facilitate the transfer. Much like a gun purchase. You must first verify with your local gun shop to make sure they have the proper license and are willing to facilitate the Ammo transfer. The Ammunition will have a minimal tax of under $1.00 from the state and then whatever the transfer fee is the store wants to charge. We’ve been noticing early most fair stores that can Facilitate the transfer are charging $10 per order. This registering of the Ammo will happen at all stores that sell Ammunition inside the state also. The state is basically creating an Ammo registry. This is why bulk Ammo is the best way to purchase to minimize these visits.  Check out our California Ammo Special!

California Ammo Special - 50 Extra Rounds

Bite the Bullet X wanted to do something that would help offset these new added costs so they are including 50 extra rounds with every 1000 round purchase. That’s works out to around $45.00 off on calibers like 45-70 government.

Bite the Bullet X understands you can’t change people like Jerry Brown, the Governor of California so they will simply work around them. With the additional rounds, it’s only an added inconvenience instead of an added cost. You can still check out on the website just click the California checkout option for your extra rounds. The shipment will then wait for a copy of the licensed resellers permit. Once they have that they can ship your order. Bite the Bullet X has always catered to their neighboring state and hopes to service California in the future for all your bulk Ammo needs.

Contact them today or visit their website to see the deal on the highest quality, lowest priced bulk Ammo.

Thank you and Happy Shooting.

Blue. What does it mean to you?

At Bite the Bullet X Blue stands for the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect our freedoms and safety. When everything got hectic in the gun and ammo industry the giants and big box brands left many law enforcement departments out in the cold with no supply and no outlook.

Bite the Bullet X came in and not only offered the needed products to these departments but they completely catered to them. Bite the Bullet X now serves over 16 law enforcement departments small and large across the country for all their training ammo needs. Offering quality, consistency, and low pricing regardless of what the political climate is.

Bite the Bullet X backs the badge in every way and even allows the departments to participate in our extra round promotions we do throughout the year. They offer all the high use calibers that departments train within New brass as well as the infamous remanufactured ammo that they built their reputation on. Everything is loaded on state of the art equipment with quality components, by quality people that know the industry. They now even offer duty carry ammo in 9mm as part of their Self-defense RX line. The rounds pass all department requirements and third-party testing shows better ballistics then big brand rounds. Everything they do has the shooter in mind. The rounds also range from ultra low recoil to +P loads for every shooters taste level.

Bite the Bullet X also offer the ECO Frangible lineup which is used by several SWAT departments to train in close quarters. These can be shot at steel targets extremely close without the liability of ricochet. These projectiles are also Lead-free so perfect for outdoor or indoor use. They break apart into very small fragments and much like a sandblast on some calibers.

Bite the Bullet X continuously adds new products that fill a void in our industry. And everything they do is at highest quality while also being some of the lowest prices in the country. See why departments small and large as well as their officers personally are joining the BTB team. Bite the Bullet X ’s LEO customers know the next time there is a crisis in our industry they will not be neglected and dropped due to price gouging the retail market.

Bite the Bullet X specializes in bulk, quality, loyalty, and customer service.

Thank you to all the law enforcement across the country and Happy Shooting. 

More & More Women are Packing Heat - Self & Home Defense Ammo

Self & Home Defense Ammo

What makes up a woman? Love, strength, courage, perseverance, focus, skill, and so much more. In today's society, so many women carry extreme weight on their shoulders. The days of the 50s housewife are over. Women work full time jobs in order to provide for their families just as men do On top of all the motherly things. Understanding it’s just as important to Protect her family on her own. With all the shooting tragedies lately it’s important to understand the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun as shown in Texas. As savy women across the country begin to carry a gun there’s becomes a need for products tailored to what is comfortable for every woman.

Bite the Bullet X understands that women appreciate quality and consistency. They not only developed some of the best, cleanest, soft shooting plinkers in the industry but they now have everyday carry self and home defense rounds. These rounds are designed for super light recoil with standard feet per second deviation in the single digits! Why is this important and clearly less then everything else out there? These rounds will be the most consistent, effective, and important round you will ever load into your magazine. They welcome the responsibility of how important this round is. Bite the Bullet X offers a 95gr, 105gr, and 115gr solid copper hollow point for everyday self defense rounds. The Bullets offer maximum expansion so you can rest a sure when you hit your target it will not pursue. For home defense they offer a 55gr eco frangible hollow point perfect for hitting and fragmenting in the target, not to go through the next room, or even the next home. This lineup in 9mm is the perfect variations for everyone’s preference. The 95gr will be the lightest recoil for self defense. This is the preferred choice for keeping the gun flat and on target. Bute the Bullet hopes you never have to use these rounds, but you’ll know what to expect every time.

Not only is Bite the Bullet X's ammunition reliable, it's affordable. Their bulk ammo already comes at some of the lowest prices in the country. They offer a 165gr 9mm for target practice that will be the lowest recoil option on the market for 9mm plinker. They constantly do extra round promotions giving you more rounds for our everyday low prices. They also give away Free Ammo Monthly in their newsletter. Bite the bullet X ships the bulk Ammo in their signature BTB Buckets. The BTB RX defense rounds come packaged in a unique Ammohistamine 30 round pill blister pack. This is part of the BTB RX epidemic. Pop some RX rounds in your magazines today. This is the world’s first Ammohistamine to protect you and your loved ones. For when they need relief, permanently...

Self Defense vs Home Defense Rounds - How Bite the Bullet X is Bringing Both of Them to the Market.

Self Defense Rounds vs Home Defense roundsDefense rounds are the most important round you’ll ever load into your magazine. The two most common defense rounds are Home defense and Self defense. The differences between these rounds although minimal are very important.

Self-Defense Rounds

First, self defense rounds are designed for maximum expansion with just the right amount of penetration and knock down power. The penetration will be 10”-15” and the Bullet expands from 0.355 to over 0.765. Bite the bullet X has a few choices on Bullet weight in this segment that they call the RX line. Offering a 95gr, 105gr, and 115gr Barnes TAC-XP/solid copper Hollow Points(SCHP) in 9mm for self defense. These rounds are lead free and should be your everyday carry rounds as they were designed specifically for this use. We will be adding 40SW and 45ACP to balance out the pistol lineup. Below you’ll see ballistic data on the first 9mm self defense rounds:

Home Defense Rounds

Now, the home defense round. This round should offer maximum knockdown power while not being able to penetrate through rooms and even other buildings. Bite the bullet X designed a 55gr ECO frangible hollow point that has maximum knockdown power without the liability of going through another room in your house, or even your neighbors home. These rounds would also be perfect for any indoor security outfit. This frangible hollow point is made with a copper polymer making this a eco friendly lead free option as well. The way these hollow point rounds fragment once impacted give an added lethal effect. Ballistics below on this home defense round:

  • 55gr ECO frangible hollow point 9mm
  • 1750 FPS

All these rounds are made with new brass and nickel plated brass casings. Bite the bullet X welcomes the responsibility of how important these rounds are. These rounds are produced on a laser check quality control loading machine as well as run through their state of the art quality control machine. Finally the rounds are hand touched before heading to packaging in their unique individual tear away pill blister packs. These rounds have single digit standard deviation and are soft shooting assuring the shooter knows what to expect every time. This allows the shooter to regroup quickly and seamlessly for follow up shots.

Like everything else Bite the Bullet X does these rounds will be the cheapest in the country. Advanced ballistics added to our existing bulk and high quality. Although we hope you never have to use these rounds except for training or freshening up the Ammo in your magazines you can be assured they will do what they should every time. Introducing the Bite the Bullet X Rx line and the world’s first Ammohistamine. For when they need relief...permanently.

Tragedy, Gun Control, and our Beloved Sport, Recreational Shooting.

Las Vegas Trajedy #Vegas Strong#VegasStrong

Bite the Bullet X is based here in Las Vegas, NV. The recent tragedy was gut wrenching for all Americans. Watching these innocent concert goers go through that really took everyone back and by surprise. Evil and sick are two things we will not be able to rid our society from anytime soon, unfortunately. This sick individual would have found a way to harm these people by other means if not guns. Unfortunately these incidents spark a huge rush of focus and sales on our industry.   The focus isn’t the good kind either. With that comes stricter scrutiny and more regulation on the way. California is a perfect example of this.

New California Restriction

Starting January 1 as most of us already know the state is restricting all Ammo sales. They will now have to buy or pickup Ammo from a FFL store that is licensed to resell Ammo.  The shred of good news is we will still be selling online and shipping Ammo to California.  However, due to prop 63 it will no longer ship to your homes, it will be shipped to that valid ffl store that is licensed to resell Ammo.

Ordering from California

This means you can still purchase online via our website and at checkout you will select California FFL shipping option. You will then submit your store/ffl information to us just as you would if you were purchasing a firearm. At least having this option assures you can still get Bite the Bullet X Ammo at that affordable price and just handle the california side of things separately when you pick it up.

Please check with your local ffl store before ordering to not only see if they are licensed for Ammo resale but also see if they are willing to facilitate shipments for you from us. They may have their own fee on top of the state collecting whatever fee they will have. Once you have an ffl on file with Bite the Bullet X you will not need to submit every time.  And since you have to jump through extra hoops Bite the Bullet X will be including 15 extra rounds in every 1000 round purchase for California buyers for all time! 

Shooting is a recreational hobby and American pastime practiced by millions of responsible gun owners every day.
Thank you,

Happy Shooting, and God Bless America. 

Frangible Ammo, the Next Big Thing in the Industry

What makes it different from regular ammunition that is already out on the market? Unlike regular target ammo that is comprised of a lead core and a copper jacket, Bite the Bullet X's eco-frangible rounds are made of copper polymer nylon that breaks apart completely upon impact. Much like a sand blast. This makes our frangible ammunition ideal for indoor ranges, close quarter security outfits/Leo, and eco friendly for all shooting venues. This innovative frangible ammo prevents ricochet and is safe for close quarters steel target shooting. Our high quality frangible ammunition breaks apart effectively, but more importantly, consistently every time. Due to it's unique qualities, our frangible ammunition is quintessential to hit and stop a target with maximum energy and force without penetrating through multiple walls and undesired targets before stopping. Also, because of its proprietary load our eco ammunition shoots soft, clean, and really accurate. We have our pressure curves where they should be to maximize this round in every way.

Whether your shooting pistol or rifle these frangible rounds will be some of the most accurate and soft shooting on the market. Our frangible ammo has passed the strictest ballistic performance testing by military and many of world's leading ammunition manufacturers. Bite the Bullet X always guarantees the highest quality components at a price point that rivals normal conventional Ammo. This is just one of the reasons 17 police departments across the country purchase their ammunition from Bite the Bullet X. While most companies charge around a $1.00 per round, we are allowing a bigger audience to train like the pros do. We provide our clients with options and price points no one else can.

At Bite the Bullet X, we offer both new and re-manufactured NATO brass for all of our ammo. Another option we offer is a zero pollution using a lead free primer upon request. This makes these rounds completely eco friendly. With our frangible ammunition in 9mm, .40sw, .45, .223/5.56, .300BLK, and .308, we offer everything you need to switch to this innovative yet affordable option. Contact us for any custom loading services, as well as, purchasing all eco-frangible projectiles separately.

Lead-based ammunition is slowly being phased out due to EPA and state regulations. The military has already announced their goals to get rid of lead bullets entirely by 2018. Thus, the movement towards environmentally friendly, ammunition is on the rise. Twelve states, including California, have already banned ammunition made of toxic materials. We wanted to get ahead of the trend and have a solution for those states.

Be on the lookout next month for our home defense/everyday carry 9mm 55gr Eco-Frangible hollow point round. Ballistically, this round will be everything expected of a premium home defense round. It provides maximum expansion without over penetration. Perfect for home defense, every day carry, and because of our price points, even training. These rounds will also have an awesome retail packaging option. You've never seen anything like it, ever. We will announce to our customers via newsletter and social media outlets when they are available. Thank you and Happy Shooting.

Proposition 63 - Californians Should Stock up on Bulk Ammo

Get your freedom while you still can!  With gun laws tightening up in the state of California, it will become an excruciating process just to purchase ammunition starting January 1st, 2018.

Aside from the many types of guns that the state has placed on their restriction list, the requirement of a bullet button, the 10-day waiting period between purchase of your firearm, the magazine capacity restrictions, and many other regulations for the law abiding citizens of California, the state took it a step further.  Thanks to Proposition 63, gun loving Californians will now be forced to do a background check and obtain authorization from the Department of Justice in order to simply purchase ammo.

With these gun regulations and others that were passed under Proposition 63 California has now made it extremely difficult for its very own law abiding citizens to get out to the gun range and simply train. Getting more comfortable and accurate with their firearms is an important part of gun ownership.  Yet the state claims that stricter laws on not only firearms but now ammunition will decrease the amount of gun violence and mass shootings throughout the state. The DOJ says the regulations were passed to keep Californians safe without infringing on their 2nd amendment rights. Wrong.  They're making it more difficult for people to protect and defend themselves, their loved ones, and those around them.  Can someone please explain this logic? Are we still talking about the land of the free?  Aside from completely packing up and leaving the state, this is what Jerry Brown left us. 

As we roll into the second half of the last free year, I suggest you stock up on as much bulk ammo from Bite the Bullet X as you can. I mean think about it. Once the new year hits not only will you have to jump through hoops in order to simply buy ammo for your guns but you'll be limited to purchasing ammunition only in California. Your gun already had a background check and 10-day waiting period to obtain it. With that being said, do you think vendors will give you the great deals and sales on bulk ammo once that becomes to fruition? You'll see prices climb and more fees and taxes to be paid. 

Here at Bite the Bullet X we provide our customers with high-quality ammunition at a some of the lowest prices in the country.  We pride ourselves in high-quality ammunition that can be delivered straight to your door with no hassle. We offer anywhere from 50 to 100,000 rounds that you can order straight off of our website and bulk ammo section offers free shipping.  

As the last of this year passes by, don't pass by the great prices on that Bite the Bullet X has to offer and we have a lot more in store for you this year! Get your freedom seeds while you still can. Come by our Las Vegas location when you're in town and pick up your surplus ammo straight from our store. Stock up now before the ammo cut off hits. Then you'll be stuck in most cases registering all of your ammunition and asking permission from the Department of Justice to go enjoy a day at the gun range.

Lastly, we'd like to thank all our Californians for being such amazing and loyal customers from the beginning. There is no way we could have been as successful as we are today without you.  Let's not end our relationship here.  Ask your local gun stores and vendors to carry Bite the Bullet X's reliable, quality ammunition in their stores.  

Thank you and Happy Shooting. 

What It Takes to Produce Good Quality Ammunition

Freedom seeds. These small, little, oddly-shaped nubs of brass filled with joy and happiness that we call ammunition. We know they make us happy and defend our freedoms. But whats the difference between all the Ammunition offered on the market today. Better yet, what makes it good quality ammunition?

We always talk about how certain ammo is better than others based on the lack of consistency, cleanliness, price, etc.  But let's look at it on a deeper level.  What separates decent ammo from great ammo?  Here, at Bite the Bullet X, we produce great quality ammo. Here's an insider look at a high-quality mass production ammunition manufacture. 

From the very beginning, we aim to give you the best by purchasing only the best available components.  While many others fall short of good quality brass, we utilize government auctions, police departments, city and county training facilities, and ranges in addition to new manufacture brass. This allows us to purchase the best possible once fired casings at a low price. Our purchasing power also drives down the cost for our clients. We also have a huge customer base that utilizes the brass scrap program where they send us their casings for reloading services or a scrap credit toward a future Ammo purchase. 

Next, our sister company Center Mass Brass controls all processing services as well as some brass purchasing.  With our sister company in the loop, we are able to control quality and supply flow.  This ensures high-quality consistent brass flow, the keyword here is consistent. The reason why we are able to provide an enticing golden tone to the brass is because we utilize our custom wash plant and formula for cleaning. From there the custom WWII machines process the brass at the tightest possible tolerances.  Quality casings are what we do. 

The following step is priming the casings.  Using custom machinery that primes up to 10,000 cases an hour with a primer depth consistency of 1/1000, we are able to prime the casings quickly and efficiently.  This gives us the ability to provide you with your bulk ammo fast and consistent. We pre-prime the casings in order to keep the tolerances tighter when the machines are loading. This allows each machine to do less and make better quality Ammo. Yet another step that separates Bite the Bullet X from the rest of its competitors.

The actuating loading process is done with a variety of heavily automated equipment. We even have state of the art loaders we have a laser quality control and complete monitoring systems to measure all the specifications as its loading. We have loaders that load up to 6,000 rounds per hour at match grade quality and efficiency. We can even contract load or custom load for any large purchases. 

Even after the loaders that do quality control, we run the ammunition through another quality control check. Our baby, a state of the art quality control machine with laser 360 checks and checks up to 22,000 rounds per hour.  All aspects of every individual round are inspected and verified against SAAMI specifications.  Not only that this quality control machine stores lot numbers and make note of any quality issues with each batch. This makes it much easier to track lots with any reported issues. 

We continue the extra step mentality to our packaging.  From our retail boxes, to clear tac packs, to our infamous buckets we take pride in every thing we do and offer. Speaking of packaging, be on the lookout for our new packaging options for our BTB Rx Home Defense Line!  The worlds first Ammohistamine is coming. The home defense line will give our clients training, home defense, and everyday carry options. We welcome the responsibility of how important these rounds are. They will also be the cheapest in the country by far. 

Finally, Bite the Bullets X customers are the number one priority next to making a quality product. We ensure a 24-hour call back response to any inquiry and we constantly work on providing our customers with new products, great deals, and big giveaways via social media. We believe that our business stands out from our competition not only with quality and consistency but also communication.  Each month we send out a carefully curated newsletter with the latest industry news and giveaway winners. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media outlets for exciting updates and announcements. See why ranges, police departments, and thousands of customers trust us with their business across the entire country.

Thank you and Happy Shooting. 

Performing Best Shooting Ammo

When you’re looking for the best performing and best shooting ammo for your weapons, it’s important to do your research. The quality of the provider is just as important as the quality of the ammo itself.To find the best shooting ammo, it all starts with choosing a wholesaler that will have your best interests at heart.

Here are some things to be on the lookout when choosing the best ammo provider for your needs. Look for a company that:

• Is licensed, insured, and ATF approved Federal Firearm License (FFL) manufacturing company
• Offers easy, secure, online ordering and quick shipping to your door
• Sorts, inspects, cleans, and processes brass to SAAMI specifications
• Only works with name brand components from trusted providers such as Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, Berrys, Hodgdon, Lovex, Accurate, CCI, Winchester, Remington, and Vihtavuori
• Offers ammo that is EPA compliant for indoor use but also approved for close range steel target training
• Boasts a staff that knows the craft and cares about the products the company sells
• Offers affordable vendor pricing
• Positive customer reviews
• Provides quick lead times on all new orders
• Has a clear shipping and returns policy
• Offers affordable bulk ammo pallets

Here at Bite the Bullet X, we can honestly say we offer all of the above. We are up front about our shooting ammo, with lead times on all new orders being 10 to 14 business days.

Selecting the Best Shooting Ammo

One of the biggest challenges a new shooter faces can be the right selection of ammunition. There are many kinds out there, and it can be daunting if you’re new to the game. Keep in mind, manufacturers produce a variety of loads, each one differing in terms of projectile weight and type, velocity and more.

Not all guns are created equal. Some are good for target and training, while others are better for personal defense or hunting. Types of firearms can differ as well, from handgun and revolver to rifle and shotgun. The shooting ammo used inside each firearm is key. The effect each piece of ammo has on the victim and shooter varies widely too.

For rifle ammo, for example, you’ll need a cartridge with a hollow-point bullet, which has a cavity in the tip that allows it to expand when it hits its target. There are more or less popular calibers when it comes to pistol ammo. The most popular caliber here at Bite the Bullet X is 9mm and 223/556.

The stopping power you need will again depend on the intended usage. The ammo you choose to hunt large prey from long distances will be vastly different than a small handgun you want to keep in your home for protection.

In terms of buying ammunition for your gun, you’re probably best off buying bulk ammunition because it will save you money overall. Here at Bite the Bullet X, we specialize in cheap bulk ammo for amateurs and professionals alike. In fact, we are the cheapest in the whole country for quality of this caliber.

Whether you need bulk ammo for pistols or rifles, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today at 702-219-7326 or fill out our online form for more information.


Bite The Bullet X: Prime Supplier of Shooting Ammo

Looking for ammo for your firearm? Don’t mess around with a sub-par ammo supplier. You need the best, and the best is Bite the Bullet X. As your prime supplier of shooting ammo, we deliver on high quality products, exceptional customer service, and a proven, seamless process. We pride ourselves on being your leading ammunition manufacturer, allowing our valued customers to buy online with shipments to your door. We are the most affordable ammo provider in the country for this level of quality, whether you’re looking for 9mm or 223/556 calibers.

Here’s a look at what we offer amateurs and professionals alike:

• Pistols
• Rifles
• Rimfire
• BTB Frangible ECO
• Large Bulk Ammo Pallets
• Reloading Components
• Magazines
• Accessories

Located in the “Mecca of Recreational Shooting” - Las Vegas, we offer high-quality ammo and reloading components that are reasonably priced and easy to obtain.

What You Need to Know

Buying online is an ideal way to purchase the ammo you need. However, there are terms and conditions and other applicable laws that need to be followed in order to ensure a legal, thorough process. To purchase online from us, you must:

• Be a U.S. citizen
• Have never been convicted of a felony or crime punishable by more than a year
• Have never been committed to a mental institution
• Have never renounced your U.S. citizenship
• Have never been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

If you can answer yes to any of the above, we welcome you to buy ammo online from Bite the Bullet X! We will need to see a valid ID to ensure you are at least 21 years of age. You can email, mail or fax it to us. You may have to show us a copy of your firearms/ammunition owner’s identification card as well.

Prime supplier of rifle ammo

Why Buy in Bulk?

Is bulk ammo really a great deal? Yes! Not only can you stock up on your favorite ammo, you save money in the process as well. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to buying in bulk:

• Cheaper prices:Not only do you get a better price on the initial purchase, you get a better cost per round.

• Cheaper shipping costs: Buying wholesale ammunition means you can buy more at once and save on overall shipping costs. Go with freight shipping on pallets and you save even more. Bigger shipments cost less to ship, as delivery companies charge more to ship out all those small packages.

• Get it while it’s available: Your favorite ammo won’t always be plentiful. Buy it now, stockpile it, and it will always be there for you when you need it. This is especially helpful if the caliber you need is hard to find, or is a specialty item. You’re also locking in low prices to guard against a sudden price increase later. Get it now while you can!

• Prepare for the unexpected: In the event of a local, regional or national catastrophe, you want to know your stockpile is in order should you need to shelter in place and protect your abode. Having plenty of ammo in your stockpile gives you an advantage over others in such an event.

Bite the Bullet X is dedicated to working with only the best manufacturers. We also perform regular case inspections and numerous quality checks to ensure exceptional quality and safety, whether you need rifle ammo or pistol ammo. Rest assured, we have also have some of the country's most cost effective and consistent zero-pollution, lead-free remanufacture ammo that’s EPA-compliant.

 Call us today at 702-219-7326 or fill out our online form for more information.